An offer of hype project for the administration

An offer of hype project for the administration. Refund a part of the amount for posting a project (listing) on ​​monitors and blogs.

 The points is simple — I have a certain agreement with owners of some monitors and blogs. I search projects for listing and advertising blogs in every possible way.  If the administrator of a hype project likes a monitor or a blog ( there is no doubt because all resources are selected worthly) and he orders a listing (advertisement), I have a right to receive a honorarium. 

From this honorarium I pay you a listing refund.

  You, the project admin, order and pay for lifting directly to the monitor or blog.  The only thing you need to do is to mention or make a comment «The invitation of leovit.»  Next, the administration of hype project contacts me and receives its return, let’s say a bonus.

  Contact me in advance.

  You can contact me and agree everything:

  • Telegram —
  • Telegram —

  The amount of return may vary from  10$ to 60$, depending on the ordered listing.

  A list of monitors and blogs I work with:

  • (there are a lot of people here) — order listing
  • (blog with worthy projects) — order listing
  • ( the western investor hangs out here) — order listing
  • (popular resource) — order listing
  • (the resource is highly trusted by investors) — order listing

  The list will be supplement, stay tuned

  You can see listing rates on available resources.

Листинг хайпов

 Next. If you buy an expensive listings with me using this scheme, I return the amount for listing and additionally place a banner of your project on my blog.

  Also, you can order a short or full review of the project.  Payment by agreement.

 Furthermore, you get support services:

  •   on blogs and monitors where the listing was taken
  •   on my blog
  •   on forums with appropriate topics (,,, and others)
  •   in social networks

  Don’t forget to order РM wallets verified in  Europe. You can gain it on my blog.

Blog Services


..привет, рад приветствовать Вас на блоге о заработках на криптобиржах, в хайп-проектах. Начиная с 2014 года, я начал инвестировать в хайпы, криптовалюты и продолжаю получать дополнительный доход. Да, это не основной мой заработок, это больше как хобби. Приглашаю в свою команду инвесторов, буду рад помочь. Всем удачи..

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